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This is the HOME of the provincial OECTA website. You will find everything you could want to find out at this NEW website. It has a members only area that you must login into for secure information.

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This is the form you must complete in order to get a login and password to access the OECTA members' only area. Make sure you record your login and password for future use.

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If you changed your email address or have not given your address to OECTA, then this is the place to go. Note: You must also give this information to your LOCAL ALOECTA Office.

@OECTA Publication


@OECTA is the official publication of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association.
Published five times annually, @OECTA provides editorials, professional development news, teacher profiles, legal advice, bargaining updates, and feature articles that deal with a variety of educational, social justice, and political issues.



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Catholic teachers believe in the common good.
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We are a representative organization. Engaging with Catholic teachers, and acting on their behalf, is at the heart of what we do.
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